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We’ve been working in the construction industry for over three decades now, and it’s allowed us to fine-tune our craft. You can trust that we have your best interest in mind. When you choose Alpine Asphalt, you choose an industry leader with the experience to match.

We know working with contractors and construction companies can be hard. Some companies aren’t reliable and don’t show up or finish the job on time. Because we know you have a busy life, we work with you to get the job done as efficiently and reliably as possible. That way, you can return to your normal life sooner.

30+ Years of Paving and Excellent Customer Service

It takes a dedicated person to enjoy asphalt paving, and we love it. Since day one of Alpine Asphalt, our owners have stepped onto every job site. They’re part of the crew installing each piece of pavement and they aren’t afraid to do the little things to make sure that you’re completely satisfied.

A driveway is a big part of your home. It not only changes the landscape and the curb appeal, but a driveway becomes a place for your kids to play, ride their bikes, and park their first car. It’s not just asphalt to you, and that’s why it’s not just asphalt to us. Contact us today to get started on your paving project.

Service was timely and they were able to do the work without needing me to be present to sign off on it etc. If you like a convenient option, I would go with Alpine Asphalt.

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How long will it take to pave a driveway for my home?

Smaller residential driveways only take 4-10 hours, depending on the size. But, larger ones can take up to 2 days. Another factor to consider is whether or not the existing base needs to be removed and reinstalled before we can pave the driveway. You can expect us to work as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your regular routine.

How long before I can use my driveway?

An average paving project will take roughly 4-5 days to cure enough to drive on it, depending on the weather conditions. Wait at least 7 days before parking on it.  It takes another 6-12 months to fully cure. During this period, it is more susceptible to damage but can withstand normal wear..