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From paving to patching, Alpine Asphalt offers the solutions that commercial property owners and managers need. We’ll work hard for you and complete your job on-time and on-budget. No surprises. After all, the key to creating a healthy business relationship begins with being a good partner.

We hope to be of service for your commercial asphalt needs,  parking lot repair, parking lot patching and maintenance, and surrounding areas!

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We are absolutely committed to our clients’ satisfaction. It’s been our philosophy since day one.

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Asphalt Solutions That Work For You.

  • Asphalt paving – Your parking lot greets customers before they even reach your front door. An inviting parking lot is important to your business, but it’s also a large investment. We understand this and offer you our extensive knowledge and expertise in installation, replacement, overlays and additions.
  • Asphalt patching – One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to patching. Some damaged areas require removal and base work, some are improved through mill patching, and others call for only a skin patch. We can help you determine which type of patching best fits your needs and budget.
  • Specialty asphalt services – Not all asphalt is installed as a flat surface. You can rely on us for other projects such as a ramp to a loading dock, a berm to correct drainage, or an asphalt ramp along your foundation to keep water from flowing where it shouldn’t.

We love helping people with their commercial asphalt needs,  parking lot repair, parking lot patching and maintenance, and surrounding areas!

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Common Questions

Should I have my new parking lot installed with one lift of asphalt or two?

If your parking lot will be used primarily by customers or tenants for vehicle parking, one lift of commercial-grade asphalt should be sufficient. If heavier vehicles such as delivery or garbage trucks are accessing your parking lot, two lifts are recommended.

Would my parking lot benefit from an overlay?

A parking lot that is still structurally sound, but showing signs of wear and minor deterioration, may be a good candidate for an asphalt overlay. It’s a more cost-efficient option to replacement. Our estimator can evaluate your parking lot’s condition, drainage and existing base integrity to determine whether an overlay is a possibility.

What is mill patching?

It’s a patching technique that vertically cuts and removes the top two inches of asphalt with a milling machine. It is a stronger type of patch because the new asphalt is installed at a consistent depth, not feathered at the edges, plus the base is not disturbed or compromised in the process.