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Alpine Asphalt has proudly served Minneapolis and surrounding communities for 32 years. Let us put our driveway expertise to work to improve the beauty and value of your property.

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Service was timely and they were able to do the work without needing me to be present to sign off on it etc. If you like a convenient option, I would go with Alpine Asphalt.

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Paving Solutions You Can Count On.

  • Design and installation – If you’re starting from scratch, this is where to begin. We’ll help you design a driveway that fits your needs and available space and install it with care.
  • Replacement – When your driveway is beyond repair, replacement is the answer. It’s also the ideal time to modify your existing driveway’s size or shape.
  • Additions – If you’ve outgrown your current driveway, consider an addition. The reasons vary from adding another parking space to widening a narrow driveway so it’s more usable.
  • Overlays – Depending on the grade, condition, and surrounding surfaces, an asphalt overlay may be an appropriate way to rejuvenate your existing driveway. We can evaluate whether or not this is a viable option.

We love helping people with their residential asphalt driveways,  driveway ramp solutions, Asphalt Driveway apron repair, and surrounding areas!

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Patching Services That Fix Problems.

  • Patching – If the majority of your driveway is in good shape, all it may need is patchwork. We’ll evaluate whether the affected area(s) require removal, milling or just surface preparation prior to installing new asphalt.
  • Sunken garage aprons – This is common driveway repair caused by foundation blocks not being capped when your home was originally constructed. We’ll remove the damaged concrete apron or asphalt area, cap the blocks and install new asphalt in front of your garage.
  • Improper drainage – If your driveway drains toward your house’s foundation, water may enter and damage your basement. We’ll determine whether an asphalt ramp, berm or other patching solution can remedy this or other drainage problems you may have.

We love helping people with their residential asphalt driveways,  driveway ramp solutions, Asphalt Driveway apron repair, and Minneapolis Residential Paving and surrounding areas!

Seeing Is Believing.

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Common Questions

My driveway needs to be replaced; should the base be replaced as well?

That depends on the condition of your existing base. When replacing most driveways, we remove the old layer of asphalt, then add class #5 rock to the existing base to achieve the proper compacted depth and grade. If we determine that the sub-base is compromised or the rock base is inadequate, we will specify total excavation in your driveway replacement proposal.

How long will the installation take?

Generally, one day so you’ll have minimal inconvenience. There are some variables that may extend the driveway installation process such as a large size, too much moisture in the base/sub-base to pave properly, or bad weather.

How long will a driveway last?

With proper care, a new asphalt driveway is expected to last 20 to 30 years.